Gary's Personal Collection
Early Dates: 1795

1795 S75b 1795 S-75b

1795 S-75b Grellman graded VG7/5 for being burnished. Lettered Edge, G5 slightly sharper but the reverse has some shallow corrosion, strongest at UNITED-ST. No verdigris or notable signs of contact. This cent was lightly burnished to minimize the roughness and it is retoned glossy chocolate and light olive brown. The date is bold and the legends are complete. The edge lettering is easily readible. ex Robbie S Brown Jr. ex Goldberg lot 783 1/31/11.

1795 S76b 1795 S-76b

1795 S-76b 144 Grains Good 5 obv Fr2 rev. Plain edge. Ex Sam Thurman 10/10/06 ex B. Lassiter 8/24/86

1795 Gear 1795 Large Cent used as clock gear

1795 S-77...really nice. Probably used as a clock gear. Circa 1820's