Gary's Personal Collection
Early Dates: 1796

1796 S83 1796 S-83

I called this one a G5 obv and FR2 rev with overall grade of AG3+. Its a tough R4 variety that has been lightly cleaned. ex Charlie Scott 08/20/10.

1796 S87 1796 S-87

I called this one a G4 corroded. ex Sam Thurman 10/10/06 ex JBracken 6/23/90.

1796 S104 1796 S-104

Decent color but two obv cuts...what a shame. This is the LIHERTY variety. R3...tough to find. ex Sam Thurman 10/10/06 ex PWB SHOW 9/30/05.

1796 S110 1796 S-110

A really nice looking cent. The reverse is very worn with few details. The obverse is nice. It is a LDS with the obverse cud at "TY". There are also several die cracks around the date and bust. This coin also came from Sam Thurman's collection. He bought the coin from Tom Reynolds 2/24/87.