Gary's Personal Collection
Early Dates: 1797

1797 S120b 1797 S-120b

1797 S-120b R2 Reverse of 1796 with gripped edge G4. Glossy chocolate and light olive brown. No roughness or verdigris, just a few trivial marks. A small pit or planchet chip on the base of the L in LIBERTY is the only notable mark. The date is clear but portions of the reverse legend are weak. The "Gripped Edge" feature is clear. ex Goldberg Lot 811, 1/31/11.

1797 S121b 1797 S-121b

1797 S-121b R3 Reverse of 1796 with gripped edge G4. The obverse is a couple points sharper while the reverse is weaker, as usual on this variety. The surfaces are decent but a bit dull from extremely faint porosity. No verdigris, and the only mark is a tiny pinprick over N in UNITED. Slightly glossy steel and olive brown. The date is strong and the "Gripped Edge" feature is clear. ex Goldberg Lot 812 1/31/11.

1797 S133 1797 S-133

VG Details but slightly rough/corroded. Grellman called it a VG8/5 obverse and G4/3 reverse...overall G4. Tough R5 stemless wreath variety. ex Shawn Yancey; ex EAC Lot 104 2009

1797 S138 1797 S-138

Vg Details but slightly rough/corroded. Planchet flaw at K2. Ex Sam Thurman 10/10/06 ex Coins and Such.

1797 S139 1797 S-139

1797 S-139 R1 G6. Glossy chocolate brown. No roughness, just a few nicks on both sides, the strongest one at the F in OF. LDS with strong swelling and die cracks that obliterate the hair details under the ribbon with associated weakness at the bust tip,ITED, and OF. Otherwise the date and legends are strong. ex Goldberg Lot 819, 1/31/11.

1797 S141 1797 S-141

1797 S-141 which I would call Good. P Boisvert 5/12/12.