Gary's Personal Collection
Early Dates: 1803

1803 S245 1803 S-245

1803 S-245. ex Sam Thurman 10/10/06 ex Frank Schilling 3/15/85.

1803 S246 1803 S-246

1803 S-246 with reverse cud at "STA". ex Sam Thurman 10/10/06 ex Tom Reynolds 3/85.

1803 S249 1803 S-249 LDS with 2 cuds

This is a nice S249 with large obverse cud at tip of bust and a reverse cud at "RIC". I have not seen one of these with both cuds. This coin was part of Sam Thurman's cud collection of large cents. I bought it from him 10/10/06.

1803 S251 1803 S-251

1803 S-251 VG8 net G6. ex Eric Fix 10/6/10 ex MJ Edel Coins.

1803 S261 1803 S-261

1803 S-261 EAC grade VG7. Cool variety with a arching crack through the date up through the bust. This obverse die was the same one used to strike the 1804 restrikes. ex M. Wilde Savanah GA 1/8/12.