Gary's Personal Collection
Middle Dates: 1816

1816 N1 1816 N-1

Grellman graded VF20 net VG10 for light corrosion and scrs. ex Tom Hart 7/6/04.

1816 N2 1816 N-2 Rev Rot 45'CW

Grellman graded VG7. The reverse is rotated 45'CW. It also has a rim break from star 8-11 and a smaller break between star 11 and 12. 7/24/02.

1816 N2 1816 N-2 Rev Rot 90'CW

Sharpness of a VG10 but the surfaces are slightly granular. The reverse is rotated 90'CW. It also has a nice set of rim breaks from star 8 through star 12. This coin came from Sam Thurman's cud collection 10/10/06 ex J Rex 5/24/86.

1816 N4 1816 N-4

I called this one a VG10. I removed some glue from the obverse after taking the pics. I didnt notice it in hand. The color and surfaces are very nice. ex Col Steve Ellsworth 6/23/01.

1816 N5 1816 N-5

I called this one a VG7. Ex Charlie Scott 8/20/10.

1816 N6 1816 N-6

I called this one a XF45 net VF35 for the obverse red corrosion patch. The reverse is choice. Its way more noticeable in the pic than in hand. I guess my pics are just too good :) ex Tom Hart 8/15/07.

1816 N7 1816 N-7

I called this one a VF20. ex Tom Hart 3/31/09.

1816 N8 1816 N-8

I called this one a 10 net 6. It is lightly cleaned. ex Coins and Such 8/13/87 ex Sam Thurman 12/31/06.

1816 N9 1816 N-9

I called this one a VG8. ex Dave Strout 9/4/04.