Gary's Personal Collection
Middle Dates: 1817

1817 N1 1817 N1 MDS

EAC Grellman graded F15. It is a choice looking cent. ex Tom Hart 10/22/03; ex Fred Clymer/Borcherdt 11/97.

1817 N2 1817 N2 MDS

EAC Grellman graded XF40 net 30 for corrosion spot at *13, light hairlines and recolored. This is a really nice looking coin in hand. As more often then not.... :) ex Tom Hart 07/28/03.

1817 N3 1817 N3

I called this coin a VF25 nearly choice. ex South Park Coins 1/25/11. ex Bob Matthews Cedar Rapids IA; ex Rod Burress;ex Tom Reynolds.

1817 N4 1817 N4

EAC Grade VF20 net 12 for lightly porous surfaces. Crack through bottom of date. ex Mike Packard at EAC 2010.

1817 N5 1817 N5 E-MDS

EAC Grellman graded VF25 net 20 for obverse stain. ex Tom Hart 3/1/05.

1817 N6 1817 N6

EAC grade VF25. ex Tom Hart 9/24/09; ex Rod Burress 1995.

1817 N7 1817 N7.5

EAC Grellman grade F15 net 12 for being micro porous. ex Tom Hart 7/29/04 ex Borchert 3/97 ex Fred Clymer; ex N Shultz 12/12/35.

1817 N8 1817 N8 MDS

EAC Grellman graded XF40 net VF25 for scratches and micro corrosion. ex John Davis Tyngsboro, MA 4/4/03.

1817 N9 1817 N9 MDS

This one is a nice coin that I bought in the 2007 EAC Sale. It was lot 374. Grellman called it a 30/25. It was a big upgrade for me.

1817 N10 1817 N10

I called this a VF25. ex Tom Hart 10/6/12.

1817 N11 1817 N-11

EAC Grellman graded XF45. The coin is a slightly brassy color. Nicer in hand I think. I also removed some of the crud from it after I took the pic I noticed it. ex Tom Hart 11/24/06.

1817 N12 1817 N-12

EAC Grellman graded VG7. I've always liked this one for the large die crack through the date. I bought this one in the early days of collecting large cents 7/3/02.

1817 N12 1817 N-12

EAC Grade G6 with a straight clip. ex Charlie Scott 8/20/10.

1817 N13 1817 N-13 E-MDS

EAC Grellman graded VF35 net 12 for porousity. ex Rusty Greer 5/10/03.

1817 N14 1817 N-14 EDS

EAC Grellman XF40 EDS. Not the usual Hoard coin die state. The reverse is slightly misaligned to K5. ex EAC sale lot 310 at EAC 2010 4/24/10; ex CVM fixed price list 2001 as XF40.

1817 N15 1817 N-15

EAC Grellman graded VF35 net 25 for traces of fine porousity on the obverse and a thin scratch between stars 2 and 3. EAC Sale lot 524 2003. 4/26/03.

1817 N16 1817 N16

EAC Grellman graded F12+ net VG10 for nicks and recolored. I called it nice Fine 12-. I picked it up from the Sam Thurman collection. Sam bought the coin from Tom Reynolds 5/7/87 so it has been in his collection for almost 20yrs!

1817 N17 1817 N17 M-LDS

EAC Grellman graded VG8 net 7 for nicks. I called it a VG8. It is a LDS with a bisecting reverse die crack. ex George Seifrit 12/3/04 Wernersville PA.

1817 N17 1817 N17 TDS

I called this one a AG3 obv and G4 reverse. It has a nice rev cud at "TATE". It is a rare TDS. I traded my duplicate 28N8 TDS to Tom Hart for this coin. 5/6/09