Gary's Personal Collection
Middle Dates: 1820

1820 N10 1820 N10

I called the obv a VF35 and the rev a 40. Overall VF35. ex NGC AU55BN; ex Tom Hart 2/25/12

1820 N11 1820 N11

This one came from Tom Hart. I have purchased many of my nicer middle dates from him. I called it a VF25 Avg.

1820 N12 1820 N12

EAC Grellman graded 30+/25+

1820 N13 1820 N13

EAC grade VF25. ex Eric Fix 10/4/09.

1820 N15 1820 N15

EAC Grade 30/25 very late die state. ex Tom Hart 3/27/08