Gary's Personal Collection
Middle Dates: 1827

1827 N2

This one I called a VF30. There are some light hairlines on the cheek but this one looks sweet in hand. I bought it recently from Tom Hart.

1827 N3 1827 N3

I called this one a net 20+. Other than some rim marks it is a nice coin. I bought it from Tom Hart.

1827 N6 1827 N6

EAC grade VG8/7 EDS (a). ex Frank Leone 12/1/11

1827 N10 1827 N10 RARE

I called this a 15/12 for reverse rim nick. This is a very tough variety and this one is nearly choice with great color and surfaces. ex Tom Hart 10/6/12.

1827 N11 1827 N11

I called this one a VF30 choice. ex South Park Coins 1/25/11; ex Bob Matthews Cedar Rapids IA 3/8/09.

1827 N12 1827 N12

Grellman graded G4. This is a choice looking coin in both color and surface condition. ex Tom Hart 10/6/12