Gary's Personal Collection
Middle Dates: 1830

1830 N1 1830 N1

EAC Grellman graded F12+ with reverse rotated 90'CW. Grellman notes on the card that it is Very Rare with the reverse rotation. ex Eric Fix 12/10/09

1830 N1b 1830 N1b

EAC Grade VF30. ex Tom Hart; Cliff Fellage @EAC 99 Boston 4/5/98

1830 N4 1830 N4

EAC Grellman graded 30/30 MDS

1830 N4 1830 N4 TDS

I called this a VG7 net 3. Its a ugly betty but she is rare! Only a few of these known according to Fred Borcherdt. I have owned two of them. One came from Sam Thurman. I reluctantly traded it to Fred. The other I recently bought from Bob Shalowitz. I wont make the same mistake again...this one is here to stay! 9/1/09

1830 N10 1830 N10

Grellman called this a 10/8. ex Goldberg Sale 70 Lot 644 9/2/12.