Gary's Personal Collection
Middle Dates: 1835

1835 N4 1835 N-4

I called this a VG7 net 6 for recolored. ex Tom Hart 9/24/09.

1835 N6 1835 N6 (2) 1835 N-6

Grellman graded and attributed as VF30+. This is a super looking coin with outstanding surfaces and color. I bought it from Tom Hart. Many of my nicer middle dates have come from Tom. It came with a card hand written with a fountain pen stating that the coin was owned by Fred Clymer and that he bought it 12/11/34 from G.C. The coin has a double profile. It also is a LDS with reverse rim breaks (cuds).

1835 N7 1835 N-7

EAC grade VF25. ex Tom Hart 9/24/09.

1835 N7.5 1835 N-7.5

EAC grade XF40 net 30 for being dark, pitting and light scrs. It also has a double profile. ex Tom Hart 9/24/09.

1835 N-11 TDS w/rev cud

Bought this one from Tom Reynolds recently. He graded it a VG8/4. The reverse cud is rare with about 12 known.

1835 N12TDS 1835 N-12 TDS w/strong obv cud

EAC grade VF20/8 or less. Strong obverse cud star 8-9. Cleaned and corroded. This is a pretty rare cud. ex Tri County Coins 1/3/12.

1835 N14 1835 N-14

Bought this one from a local coin dealer named MJ Edel. It has been recolored but still a nice looking coin. I called it a VF25. 3/17/2010.

1835 N18 1835 N-18

EAC grade VG7 net 4 slightly granular. The reverse is rotated 30'CW. ex Tom Hart 9/24/09.