Gary's Personal Collection
Late Dates: 1840

1840 N1 1840 N-1

EAC grade XF40+. I bought this one 10/18/07 from Rod Burress. It is a absolutely gorgeous cent which Rod called nearly choice. It was a huge upgrade to my VG10 example. Thank you Rod!

1840 N3 1840 N-3b

EAC grade XF45. I bought this one 2/08/06 from Heritage Galleries Jules Reiver Sale Lot 20143. I relunctantly removed it from its NGC AU58BN holder. I just wasnt sure about whether to remove it or not but I have no intent of selling it so out it came. ex Reiver 2/8/06; ex Raymont 4/12/73.

1840 N4b 1840 N-4b

EAC Grade AU50 net 45 for nicks and scrs. The coin still has some luster. ex Howard Aubin 11/21/11.

1840 N4a 1840 N-4a

EAC Grellman graded VF35+. I bought this one 1/10/06 from Tom Hart. It is ex Fred Clymer. A choice early cent.

1840 N5 1840 N-5 MDS

EAC Grellman graded XF45/40 MDS (b). Nearly choice. ex CVM via EAC Convention bourse 2010 4/23/10, ex Punchard 11-9-89.

1840 N5c 1840 N-5c LDS

EAC Grellman graded VF30+/25 for lt carbon obverse. I bought this one 8/16/06 from Bill Simonson. Many of my large cents have come from Bill.

1840 N6c 1840 N-6c

EAC Grellman grade is 45/40 for a small reverse dig on rim at K5. ex NGC AU58BN. The color and surfaces are nearly choice. ex Allen Ross 2/23/14

1840 N7 1840 N-7

EAC Grellman graded XF 45/40- rim dent star 5 and recolored. It looks really nice and has a small rim clip between stars 2 and 3. ex Dean Albon 2/8/07; ex CVM Central States Mil show 4/99; ex Tom Reynolds 10/9/87.

1840 N8c 1840 N-8c

EAC Grellman graded AU 50/40 lt burnished, recolored and corrosion spot reverse at UN. ex Jules Reiver Lot 28358 2/8/06. Nicer than described.

1840 N9c 1840 N-9c start of crack

Grellman graded XF45. I bought this one from the Jules Reiver sale at Heritage on 2/8/06 lot 28359. I removed it from a NCS holder labeled UNC Details, environmental damage. The obv spots arent corrosion but appear to be minor stains. Shows how off Heritage was on this one. Needless to say I got it for a reasonable price.

1840 N10b 1840 N-10b

Grellman graded 25+/20+ for rim bumps. ex Fred Iskra.

1840 N12 1840 N-12

Grellman graded 40/35 for nicks. ex Goldberg Lot 487 Sale 67 1/29/12.