Gary's Personal Collection
Late Dates: 1846

1846 1846 Struck Counterfeit

EAC Grellman graded F12. I think the coin is a VF25 sharpness. It was difficult to photograph. Image looks "blurry" but the coin has that blurry look. Grellman notes 7 known. Finest is VF25. He said this one weighs 85.6 grains and was struck from eroded dies. He also notes the dies were pickled in acid. This was probably done to remove corrosion but cant be sure. The reverse is a mess with what appear as file marks and cracks in the die. A very cool and interesting coin. This one came from Bill Simonson 7/10/2008.

1846 N1 1846 N-1

EAC grade is a 45/40. The coin is dark but not corroded. It almost looks like recoloring. Nicer than the pic It has a strong obverse crack around the stars.

1846 N3a 1846 N3a

Grellman graded AU 50 (a). ex JJ Teaparty 5/2/06.

1846 N3c 1846 N3c RARE die state

Grellman graded 35/25 LDS (c) for nick at *11, recolored. It has a rev cud at "ES". It is a rare die state with only 14 known. This one is tied for CC#9. It came from Bill Simonson's collection of large cents.

1846 N3e 1846 N3e RARE die state

I called this a AU50 net 45 for a mark under the chin...hardly noticeable and a slight blemish on recolored looking area in the left obverse field. A nearly choice coin with nice color and surfaces. I bought this 1/2/201 from Harlen J Berk. It is rare with only 14 known. This is tied for CC6 in the census.

1846 N3f 1846 N3f RARE die state

I called this a 40+/30 for the lt corrosion. This one is tied for CC11 of 12 known. Most examples are high grade I guess because the lower grade examples have the cuds worn off. The cuds are stronger than the pic shows.

1846 N3h 1846 N3h

I called this a 25/6 for heavy corrosion. It is state h with the reverse cuds. This one is the least finest known at CC#13 of 13 known. It is ex Bob Laforme.

1846 N4d scarce die state

Grellman graded 45+/40 LDS (d) for obv nicks and lt scrs. It has a obv cud below the date. It is a scarce die state with only 19 known. This one is tied for CC#8. It came from Bill Simonson's collection of large cents.

1846 N-5 1846 N5

EAC grade 45...no real visible cuds. A slight remnant below star 10. Repunching below 1 and 8 strong. Heavy reverse lines at S in STATES to E in ONE. Heavy flow lines around the stars.

1846 N5d 1846 N5d

EAC Grellman graded VF35 LDS (d). It has one reverse cud at "TA" in STATES. It is extremely rare with only 10 known. This one is CC6 of 10. The cud is strong in hand but for some reason photography makes it difficult to see in the pic. I bought it on the bourse at EAC 2009 from CVM. It was owned by Dan Holmes.

1846 N5e

EAC grade 35/25 LDS (e) for lightly granular surfaces. It has two reverse cuds at "TA"-"T" in STATES. It is extremely rare with only 4 known. Only two finer than this one exist! It came from Sam Thurman's cud collection of large cents.

1846 N7d 1846 N7d

EAC Grellman graded 30 LDS (d). It has an obverse cud the right edge of date to star 13. It is rare with only 18 known. This one is tied for CC9.

1846 N9

EAC Grellman AU 55/55 M-LDS (b) Ex. ANACS MS60 #937198

1846 N10a 1846 N10a

EAC Grellman graded AU50 and CC10 for the variety. ex Allen Ross 2/23/14.

1846 N10b 1846 N10b

EAC Grellman graded VF20/8 for being dark and lightly corroded. The cuds are strong. There are 22 known in this state. This one is tied for CC17. ex Bob Lafrome, Henry Hettger and Bob Grellman.

1846 N10b 1846 N10b

EAC Grellman graded VF35+/25 for light verdigris and recolored. I dont see any verdigris but I agree it has been recolored. Nicer than a VF25 coin. The cuds are weak due to the off center strike. It is tied for CC6 of 22 known at a VF25. ex Bill Simonson 12/29/06.

1846 N12 Tall Date

I called this one 40/35 rcolored/lightly cleaned. Tall dates this nice are tough to find and expense. Ex Tom Hart.

1846 N12f 1846 N12f

EAC Grade 45/40- for dark color and slight roughness. Obverse rim cuds at *2.5 to *5. The cud is very strong. This is CC#2 of 13 known. Ex Robert Dunfield 6/19/09. It was removed from a PCGS AU 50 slab.

1846 N12g 1846 N12g

EAC Grellman graded 20/10 lt corrosion, marks. Obverse rim cuds at *2 to *5. Extremely rare with only four known. This one is TCC2 of 4 known. Ex Robert Dunfield 1/24/08. I traded a AU50/45+ 1818N10 for this coin.

1846 N12h 1846 N12h

EAC Grade is tough on this one...probably a XF45 net 25 for the corrosion and dark surfaces. Tied for CC5 of 14 known. Ex Rachel Gress 2/06/10.

1846 N12h 1846 N12h

EAC Grellman Grade F15/10+ for obverse nicks and roughness. Grellman says this is probably die state h. ex Bob Laforme 8/05.

1846 N12i 1846 N12i Tall Date

EAC Grade VF20 net F12 for cleaned and recolored. Obverse rim cuds at stars 1-5 and star 5-6. Die state i. This one is CC9 of 17 known.

1846 N12i 1846 N12i Tall Date

EAC Grellman graded 20/7 corroded. Obverse rim cuds at stars 1-5 and star 5-6. Die state i. This one is CC10 of 10 known. Ex Fred Borcherdt

1846 Large Cent counter stamped "O.FINCH"

Tall date variety N-13. Line through the "1" in date. R3. Counterstamped O.FINCH. Fairly nice looking coin. Nice counter stamp.

1846 85'CW rot 1846 85'CW rotation

EAC grade is 25/15 for obverse pitting. This is a N-13 with the reverse rotated 85'CW. It is the highest grade known with the die rotation. ex St Louis Numismatic show 2/8/14.

1846 N14 Tall Date

EAC Grellman graded 45/30 rev nicks and lightly cleaned. It is a MDS (a). Ex Bill Simonson;Doug Strain

1846 N14b 1846 N14b

EAC Grellman graded 30/25 for a small dent at K5. Obverse rim cud at 18 in the date. This is TCC#6 of 10 known. Ex Robert Dunfield 6/19/09; ex CVM; ex Dan Holmes 8/04; ex Doug Durasoff EAC 2004 Lot 623

1846 N15 1846 N15c

EAC 55/40 early state than the other N15 pictured. Cracks on reverse at UNITED. Without the knife cuts this coin is a higher end CC coin. Even at a net xf40 it should be tied for CC10. The coin is nicer in hand than pictured.

1846 N15c

EAC 8/8 LDS (c) with heavy reavy breaks at UNITED. The cud is starting to form. The coin is ex Eric Fix; Doug Bird

1846 N15d 1846 N15d 1846 N15d TDS

EAC 15+/6 TDS (d) with full heavy cud at UNITE. The cud is amazing. I bought this from Kurt Hines in New York. It came from a old collection he bought. 6/26/2010. There are only two know with this probably being the finest.

1846 N16c 1846 N16c

EAC 20/5 LDS (c) with heavy rim break at star 10-11. The coin is ex Bill Simonson; ex Jim Young. It is a what you would call a scudzy coin but rare with only 15 known. This one is the least finest of the group.

1846 N18

EAC Grellman graded 35/30 MDS "dark"

1846 N19d 1846 N19d 1846 N19d very RARE die state

Grellman graded 45/30 LDS (d) harshly cleaned. Grellman told me it is tied for CC#1 but with a proper recoloring it would stand alone at CC1. I cherry picked this one on the EAC bourse this year 2007 in St Louis. I didnt get it cheap because the seller showed it as UNC! But I took it anyway. :) It has a strong obverse cud and was easy to recognize. It is a rare die state with only 8 known. **UPDATE** The coin has been recolored by Robert Dunfield...first pic is now...second pic is before. Should grade 45/40 now hopefully. I will send it to Grellman or his opinion. The coin is a little lighter than I would like but looks MUCH better than it did before. Thank you Robert!

1846 N20b

EAC Grellman graded 40/35 lightly cleaned. The coin is ex Bill Simonson;ex Superior 1/25/04 Lot 1476

1846 N21b 1846 N21

EAC grade VF30 net F15 for corrosion. I paid a decent amount for this baby on eBay. Probably overpaid but I have only seen two in my days collecting large cents. Rare with the cud at star 7. This one will be tied for CC7 of 14 known. ex Chris Handy 9/20/10.

1846 N23 1846 N23

EAC Grellman graded G6/5+ recolored...oh my...lets just call it a G6 :) The coin is ex Bob Laforme 12/9/04;ex Bill Tode 11/29/97.

1846 N26c 1846 N26c

EAC grade VF25/20 for a couple verdigris spots. ex NGC XF40. 7/29/15 from Indy Coin Dealer on eBay.

1846 N26b 1846 N26b

EAC Grellman graded Choice VG10. It is the only coin in my collection that Bob noted "choice" on the certificate. The coin was cherry picked by me at a local show in 2003. Not bad for $14!