Gary's Personal Collection
Late Dates: 1848

48N1b 1848 N1b

EAC Grade XF45/40- for laminations and recolored. ex Joy McAllister 11/20/11

48N4 1848 N4

EAC Grade VF20. This is a tough variety to find nice. ex Craig Hamling EAC bourse 5/5/12. ex Fred Iskra

48N6c 1848 N6c

EAC Grellman graded 40/35 rev spot. E-MDS (c). ex Bill Simonson

48N6e 1848 N6e

EAC Grellman graded 45/35 obv and rev scratches. LDS with internal triangular cud at M in AMERICA. ex Jules Reiver 8/06 Lot 28485.

48N9f 1848 N9f

EAC grade 40/30 This die state is rare with about 20 known. It has 4 reverse cuds at "TE" in STATES, and additional cuds at "ST", "D-S" and "AT" which forms a continuous cud break at D-STATES. This one is tied for CC#5 of 20 known. It is ex Bill Simonson and Bob LaForme.

1848 N10b 1848 N10b

EAC grade xf40+. ex Mike Leary 11/5/08. Some mint luster.

1848 N10c 1848 N10c

EAC grade AU50. NGC MS64BN holder. ex Pre Long Beach Lot 9325 4/2011.

48N11c 1848 N11c

EAC grade 45/35 MDS (c) Light corr spots. It has one reverse cud at "ES" in STATES. It is very rare with only 10 known. This one should be CC#6.

48N11e 1848 N11e

EAC Grellman graded 25/20. It has three reverse cuds at D in UNITED and TE and S of STATES. ex Goldberg Sale Lot 844 2/14/07.

48N11e 1848 N11e

EAC grade is choice XF45. This is CC15 for this tough R5 variety even without the cuds and CC6 for the die state. ex Jim Pack 1/25/12. It has three reverse cuds at D in UNITED and TE and S of STATES.

1848 N13b

EAC Grellman graded 25/20 for few obv nicks. It has one reverse cud at "TES" in STATES. It is scarce with 20 known. This one is probably the least finest at tied for CC#19. It is ex Bob Grellman, ex Evan Kopald, EAC Sale 4/26/03. I bought it from Tom Reynolds

1848 N14b 1848 N14b

EAC Grade XF45+ nearly choice...line between *12 and 13 visible but weak. ex Lance Hipps at St Louis Numismatic Show in 2/19/11.

1848 N14 1848 N14

EAC Grade AU50/45 for recolored. Nicer in hand than the pics. Grellman notes on envelope. ex Rod Burress 8/27/10; ex Tom Reynolds 4/99. TRADED this coin to ERIC FIX 2/11/11

1848 N15b 1848 N15b

EAC Grellman graded 45+/35+ for nicks and small digs. This coin is CC10 for the variety. I bought it from Robert Dunfield 5/20/08.

1848 N18b 1848 N18b

EAC Grellman graded VF35. ex Dean w/Gothic Stamps 6/9/07.

48N20 1848 N20b

EAC Grellman graded 40/35+ for obv nicks. This is a R3 coin and is above average for the grade.

48N21 1848 N21b

EAC Grade 35/30. ex Doug Bird 10/6/12. grade.

1848 N22e 1848 N22e

EAC Grellman graded 50/45 for a small spot at star 1. This coin came for the Goldberg Pre-Long Beach sale 2/2008. It was Lot #1608.

1848 N25c VLDS

EAC grade 25+/20+ for old obv hairlines. Not really noticeable in hand. Choice color. Tough variety at R4. Late die state with crumbling below "M" in AMERICA. Also crumbling below "E" in UNITED which is not noted in Grellmans book. Probably a Very Late die state.

1848 N27g 1848 N27g

EAC Grellman graded 45/40 obv nicks. Choice color. Ex NGC AU58BN slab; ex Fred Iskra 12/31/05

1848 N27h 1848 N27h

EAC Grellman grade 20/12 for reverse scrs and corrosion spot. Strong obverse cud star 12. This is a rare die state with only 7 known. The finest being a VF20. ex Allen Ross 1/1/18 ex RSB

1848 N28 1848 N28

EAC Grade XF40. Choice color and surfaces. Ex Eric Fix 12/06/10.

1848 N29 1848 N29

EAC Grellman graded 40/30 spots and cleaned. Robert Dunfield recolored it and it looks great. Im calling it a 40/35 now. It has a tiny rim cud left of star 8. ex H Craig Hamling 12/20/04.

1848 N29b 1848 N29b

EAC Grade XF45+/45- for couple tiny marks on neck. Small rim cud star 8. NGC MS63BN holder. Ex Allen Ross 7/20/12.

1848 N29d 1848 N29d tied for CC#1 of 6 known with cud!

EAC Grellman graded VF30. It has two reverse cuds at "UN" and below left bottom of ribbon. It is very rare with only 6 known. This one is tied for CC#1. I bought it on eBay from Kirk Peterson in 2005.

1848 N30b 1848 N30b tied for CC#3 for variety

EAC Grade AU50/40 for recolored and tiny nick on rim at star 7 and a patch of grey crud above ON in ONE. This is TCC3 for the variety and CC3 with the rim break at star 7-8. The break is strong. ex Bubba Sully via eBay 7/30/12. in 2005. I traded this to Allen Ross who has since traded it to Bob Klosterboer. I purchased the CC#1 coin which is an AU50 coin from Fred Iskra.

1848 N31d 1848 N31d

EAC grade 45/40 for light scratches. Heavy reverse sinking around legend. ex Doug Bird 10/19/07.

1848 N31e 1848 N31e with small triangular cud over E2

EAC Grellman graded 25+/20. It is a LDS e with the dentils fused at "R" and the tiny reverse cud above E2. ex Eric Fix. I aquired it in a trade.

1848 N35 1848 N35

EAC Grade VF35 net 30 for a light cleaning. ex Eric Fix 10/10/10.

1848 N35 1848 N35

EAC Grade XF45-. Grellman called it a 40+. This is a choice cent. ex Allen Ross 8/15/12.

1848 N36a 1848 N36a

EAC Grellman graded VF25++ why not just call it a 30- :) ex Allen Ross 1/15/13.

1848 N37 1848 N37

EAC Grellman graded 40+/40 EDS. Tied for CC#6. I bought this one from George Seifrit.

1848 N40b 1848 N40b

EAC Grellman graded 45/40+ nick *8 and stain *1. Thin obverse rim cud below 48 in date. ex Goldberg Sale 70 Lot749 9/2/12; ex Fred Iskra. ex CVM M&G 11Jan97:558, RSB 1/97.

1848 N42 1848 N42

EAC Grade is F15. This is a very tough R6 variety. The coin looks better in hand and the reverse lines are easily seen with a 5X loop. ex Jim Pack 1/25/12.