Gary's Personal Collection
Late Dates: 1849

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1849 N1b 1849 N1b

EAC grade 58/50. This one is a real beauty. It should be tied for CC3 for the overall variety and CC1 for state b with the obverse cuds very strong. 9/27/08 C. Boisvert.

1849 N2i 1849 N2i

EAC Grade AU55/50. ex Tom Reynolds 7/28/11.

1849 N2c 1849 N2c

EAC Grade VF30. ex Craig Hamling EAC bourse 2012 5/5/12. ex Fred Iskra.

1849 N3v 1849 N3v

EAC Grellman graded XF45 TDS (v) with very cool reverse crumbling of the die. ex Dan Holmes lot 340. ex Jules Reiver lot 20386 1/24/06.

1849 N5d 1849 N5d

EAC grade 50/45 for obverse spot. This one has the small reverse rim cud below the right edge of the ribbon. The rims are heavily beveled as mentioned by Grellman in his description of this die state.

1849 N7 1849 N7a

EAC grade VF25 nearly choice. This one is on a over sized planchet. It goes 170 grains and should probably be called a "fatboy". I bought it from an unknown dealer at the Silver Dollar show in St Louis 10/18/07. It was unattributed and turned out to be a upgrade from my F15 example.

1849 N8 1849 N8

EAC grade 45/40 for dig on rev below ribbon. ex Leo Courshon at EAC 2012 on the bourse 5/4/12/;ex Tom Reynolds.

1849 N8 1849 N8

EAC Grellman graded and attributed 35/30 middle to late die state c. Ex George Siefrit.

1849 N9 1849 N9

EAC Grade 25/20- nicer in hand than the pics. ex Fred Borcherdt via a gift; ex Dean Johnson 1976. This is a tough variety to find.

1849 N10 1849 N10c

EAC Grellman graded 45/40 for nicks. The dies are heavily rusted and the obverse die is sinking. ex Bill Simonson 2/5/08.

1849 N11b 1849 N11b CC#4

EAC grade VF30 net VF25 for the reverse carbon spots. The coin has a blunt strike so it is difficult to accurately determine the sharpness. This is only the 4th known with the reverse cud at the left tip of the ribbon to U in UNITED. It is CC4 of 4 known. The cud is strong in hand. Hard to get a good image. 11/10/10 Stephen Bryant

1849 N11c 1849 N11c CC#2

EAC grade MS60+. CC#2 for the die state with cud and CC 11 for the overall variety. This is a gorgeous coin that I couldnt pass up. I bought it from Tom Reynolds at the Missouri Numismatic show in June 2007.

1849 N11c

I graded this one 45/40 for a reverse scratch at "U" in UNITED. There are 21 known in this die state. This one should be ranked tied for CC#6. I have two 49n11c's. This is the finer of the two by a few points.

1849 N11c #2

Grellman graded this one 35/30+ for obverse spots. There are 21 known in this die state with the reverse rim break at "U" to the tip of ribbon. I picked this one up from Tom Reynolds at a show here in St Louis. This one should be ranked CC#13. SOLD at EAC Auction 2012

1849 N11g 1849 N11g

EAC Grellman graded MS60+ CC2 for the die state and CC11 overall for the variety. Terminal die state with reverse cuds. ex EAC Sale Lot 470 EAC 2012 in Buffalo.

1849 N11g 1849 N11g

EAC Grellman graded 50/25 for filed rim dents. I think it is about CC13 in the census. It has a 4 reverse rim cud at "U" to ribbon, ribbon tip and the last below the loop. There are 25 known in this die state.

1849 N12b 1849 N12b

EAC Grellman graded 45/40 nicks and stains. ex Brian Befano 7/31/12.

1849 N14 1849 N14c

EAC Grellman graded 40+. ex NGC AU58. Choice coin. ex Bill Simonson 2/5/08.

1849 N16 1849 N16

EAC Grade XF45 net VF35 for rim nicks and reverse spots. The is a tough coin and was a big upgrade for me. ex Tom Masbruch 10/1/10.

1849 1849 with the worst planchet slag ever seen by Bob Grellman. His notes say N2,N3 or possibly a LDS N24

1849 with the worst planchet slag ever seen by Bob Grellman. His notes say N2,N3 or possibly a LDS N24. ex Bill Simonson 5/5/08.

1849 N20 1849 N20

This fine beauty came from the Naftzger Collection. It is one of two coins I won in the auction thanks to my good friend Fred Iskra for bidding on them. It is tough to take pics of slabbed coins but this is the best I could do. It is housed in a PCGS MS63BN holder with the Naftzger notation. Grellman called it a EAC AU50+ net 50 for obverse nicks. A sweet coin that will probably remain in my collection for many years. It is plated #55020 in the Noyes Census. ex Ted Naftzger Lot 946 9/7/09; ex Stacks 3/16/68 Lot 85.

1849 N20a 1849 N20a

EAC grade is 45 net 40+ for obv nicks and scrs...nearly choice in hand. ex Lance Hipps at St Louis Numismatic Coin Show 2/19/11.

1849 N21 1849 N21

EAC grade VF20. Tough R5 variety. ex Fred Iskra 4/13/11.

1849 N22c 1849 N22c

EAC grade xf 45. ex Heritage Galleries 9/29/08 Lot 24133. It was removed from a ANACS slab labeled AU Details net AU50 Laquered. It is really choice.

1849 N23c 1849 N23c

EAC grade xf 40 net 30 for several heavy nicks. ex Tom Reynolds 10/08.

1849 N24 1849 N24

EAC grade XF40/35 for nicks. I bought this one on the bourse at EAC 2012 from Craig Hamling 5/5/12. ex Fred Iskra.

1849 N24c 1849 N24c

EAC grellman graded VF30...TCC3 of 8 known in this state. Cud between star 12 and 13. ex Dan Holmes lot 377 1/31/11; ex Dick Punchard 11/9/89; ex J.Miles 6/20/87.

1849 N27b 1849 N27b Tied for CC7

EAC Grellman graded 45+. It is tied for CC7 for this variety. ex Bill Simonson 2/5/08.

1849 N28 1849 N28

EAC Grade XF45 net 40 for the digs below the chin. Bought this at the Missouri Numismatic Society Convention on the bourse 7/22/10.

1849 N28b 1849 N28b

EAC Grade AU50 ex PCGS AU58. ex Mark Saitto 3/8/11. 7/22/10.

1849 N29d 1849 N29d

EAC Grade 55/50. Strong thin rim cuds below date to *13. ex Travis Turner 9/27/12.

1849 N29a 1849 N29a

EAC Grellman graded XF40/35 for a couple of reverse rim nicks. The coin is ex Bill Simonson. I was fortunate to aquire many of Bill's coins.

1849 N29 1849 N29 deep trenches around dentiles

EAC grade F15. This coin has some weird trenches. Appears to be a planchet flaw or defect as Grellman states that a red planchet slag is sometimes visible in the trenches. This one has some of this slag visible. A strange and interesting large cent.

1849 N30b 1849 N30

EAC Grellman graded 40/20 for obv corrosion...die state b. I think Bob was harsh on this one. I plan to to some form of conservation on it. The coin is struck weird or it has worn strange. I think the obverse is a VF25-30 sharpness while the reverse is a XF45...strange. At a vf20 the coin is Tied for CC9 on the tough R6 variety ex Bill Simonson.

1849 N30 1849 N30 ANACS Discovery Piece

EAC Grellman graded and attributed 15/10+ die state b. Housed in an ANACS slab "Discovery Piece"