Gary's Personal Collection
Late Dates: 1850

1850 N4b 1850 N4b

EAC Grade 40+ ex Robert Cawley 1/30/12.

1850 N5b 1850 N5b

EAC Grade XF40+. ex Tom Reynolds 10/6/12.

1850 N6b 1850 N6b

EAC Grade AU50+ avg+ with some mint red. ex Eric Fix 3/19/11.

1850 N9b 1850 N9b

EAC Grade MS60+ in a NGC MS64BN holder. The coin has amazing prooflike luster. ex Scottsman coins 2/15/14.

1850 N12 1850 N12

EAC Grade 58/50 for light obv spotting or corrosion. Rev is nearly choice with lots of mint red. I broke this from a NCS holder labeled UNC details environmental damage.

1850 N13 1850 N13b

EAC Grellman graded 45. This is a choice looking cent ex Fred Iskra 1/12/5. ex Tom Reynolds 8/2/01.

1850 N14g 1850 N14g

EAC Grellman graded 45 net 35 for abrasions on the reverse rims. It is CC3 of only 7 known with 4 reverse cuds. ex Dan Holmes lot 405 1/31/11; Bob Grellman 7/06; Doug Bird 4/90; Noyes census as #30085

1850 N15a 1850 N15a

EAC Grade MS60+/58 for a tiny bump at star 13 obv spots but looks great in hand. One could argue a straight MS60 coin. ex Marty Schmitt. ex NGC MS62 slab.

1850 N17 1850 N17

EAC Grellman graded 45/45 This is a choice coin in every way. One of my favorites.

1850 N18 1850 N18

EAC Grade is a solid VF35 nearly choice. I gave this coin a bath after uploading the images. I didnt realize all the crud that was on it. It looks really sweet now! ex Rod Burress 8/27/10.

1850 N19 1850 N19

EAC Grellman graded MS60. LDS (b) which is the old N-16 which is now a delisted variety. ex CVM on the bourse at EAC 2012 5/5/12

1850 N20a 1850 N20a

EAC Grellman graded 30/25+ for obverse nicks. This is a tough R6 variety. This coin is Tied for CC#6 for the variety. ex DWH 3/90; ex Dick Punchard 11/9/89; ex Dan Holmes Lot 414 1/30/11. all the crud that was on it. It looks really sweet now! ex Rod Burress 8/27/10.

1850 N21b 1850 N21b single cud

EAC Grade AU58/50 recolored. It is rare with only two known. Both AU50's...one is mine and the other belongs to Fred Borcherdt. I sent him mine to verify that it has only one cud. ex Simsion Coinage 2/24/11.

1850 N21c 1850 N21c LDS old N10

EAC Grellman graded as 60/58 for "obv rim bruises". Reverse cuds "E" in STATES and "F-A". This one came from Fred Iskra. Fred was the primary influence in me collecting late dates. Quite common with the cuds.

1850 N22 rim clip 1850 N22

EAC Grellman grade is VF20. It has an interesting rim clip. ex Fred Iskra 6/10/03.

1850 N24 1850 N24

EAC Grade is what I would call a 25/20. Tough R5 variety.

1850 N26b

EAC Grellman graded 30/25 for obv nicks. MDS (b)

1850 N27 1850 N27

EAC Grade 50/40...Grellman actually called it a 50/30 that is completely ridiculous for this coin. No way it deserves a 20pt hit. His notes say scratches and micro verdigris which is seen in the pic. EAC 2010 Sale lot 455.

1850 N28 1850 N28

EAC Grellman graded VF30 MDS. ex Fred Iskra 6/10/03