Gary's Personal Collection
Late Dates: 1851

1851 N1 1851 N1

EAC Grellman graded 60/58 die state a

1851 N3a 1851/81 N3a

EAC Grade AU58. ex PCGS MS63BN. Just a hint of rub on the high points. EDS (a) so all the die lines at the date and main curl are strong. The overdate is strong. ex Shawn Yancey 7/8/13; ex Jack Conour Collection.

1851 N4 1851 N4

EAC Grellman graded XF45. ex Craig Hamling on the bourse at EAC 2012 5/5/12;ex Fred Iskra

1851 N6 1851 N6 XF40

EAC Grellman graded XF40. A choice large cent. ex Fred Iskra.

1851 N7 1851 N7 MS60 cleaned

EAC Grellman graded 60 cleaned. A nice cent but off color. Time will definetely help this coin.

1851 N8 1851 N8

EAC Grellman graded XF45 E-MDS. ex Goldberg Sale 70 Lot 764 9/2/12. Bob Grellman 6/99, ex RSB III 6/2/92.

1851 N10 1851 N10

EAC Grellman graded XF45. It is a LDS. ex Tom Reynolds 5/23/05; ex JDW 8/95.

1851 N12a 1851 N12a

EAC Grade XF40 net 35. ex Eric Fix 3/19/11

1851 N15 1851 N15

This fine beauty came from the Naftzger Collection. It is one of two coins I won in the auction thanks to my good friend Fred Iskra for bidding on them. It is tough to take pics of slabbed coins but this is the best I could do. It is housed in a PCGS MS64BN holder with the Naftzger notation. Grellman called it a EAC MS60. It has a planchet lamination from above star 2 to below the 5 in the date. A sweet coin that will probably remain in my collection for many years. It is plated #55030 and rated CC10 in the Noyes Census as a MS63. ex Ted Naftzger Lot 1044 9/7/09; ex Bruno Crossfield; Willard C Blaisdell 9/76 via Del Bland.

1851 N16b 1851 N16b

EAC Grellman graded 45 nearly choice. ex Tom Reynolds, Dick Punchard, Dan Holmes Lot 445 1/30/11.

1851 N17 1851 N17

EAC grade 45+/40 recolored. ex Eric Fix 4/18/08 at Central States show in Chicago from Stacks table.

1851 N18c 1851 N18 LDS (c)

EAC Grellman graded VF35. A choice large cent. ex Rod Burress; ex Amshay. UPDATE: Sold to Dennis Brown 10/1/09.

1851 N18b 1851 N18b

EAC Grellman graded MS60/58 recolored. A choice large cent. EAC 2009 Sale Lot 457.

1851 N19e 1851 N19e

EAC Grade XF45/40. Nice obverse die cracks. ex Tom Deck 11/11/08.

1851 N21

EAC Grellman graded 45/40 lt rev corr spot. E-MDS (b)early. Tied for CC#10

1851 N25 1851 N25

EAC Grade 45/40 for minor dings and two reverse spots. ex Rod Burress 10/6/12.

1851 N26 1851 N26 LDS

EAC Grellman graded 45/40 for obv scratch. It is a LDS. ex Bill Yates 8/5/04.

1851 N27a 1851 N27a

EAC Grellman graded MS60 trace red CC6 R4 variety. Rare early die state (a+). ex David Johnson 7/29/11; Dan Holmes :460 1/31/11; ex RVP; ex DNB

1851 N29

EAC grade 45/45 die state b

1851 N30b 1851 N30b

EAC Grellman graded 55/50 for obverse hairlines. Really nice coin. ex Fred Iskra 10/02/04. ex john Scanlon 2/10/90.

1851 N31 1851 N31c

EAC grade 60/55 recolored...nicer in hand. ex ANACS MS60 details cleaned. 6/2/08.

1851 N31 1851 N31c

EAC grade 58/50 for light corrosion patches...not too bad. It has a small planchet flake on the cheek. ex Roy Flora 9/21/07. SOLD ON EBAY 2009

1851 N34 1851 N34b

EAC grade VF35+. The coin is struck bluntly with mushy details as are all coins of this variety. ex CVM fixed price list 12/2010.

1851 N35 1851 N35a

EAC grade 45/25 which I think was a bit harsh. The coin has a light rev corrosion patch at A2 in AMERICA. It also has some abraided spots on the obverse which looks to have been verdigris. I would probably net it 5 pts higher than Bob did in the Goldberg 9/07 sale which is where I aquired it as Lot 2344. The picture in the catalog did not help the sale of this coin. I think it is a decent looking coin despite the problems. I think it is CC10 of 14 known.

1851 N35 a/b 1851 N35a/b

EAC grade VF 25/20 for being lightly cleaned. I called this a intermediate state a/b since Grellman doesnt distinguish between the coin listed above and state b. There is a strong cud over MER and a smaller cud from A in AMERICA to the right tip of the ribbon. I have no idea on rarity for this die state but it is very scarce if not very rare.

1851 N36 1851 N36

EAC grade 25/20

1851 N37b 1851 N37b E-MDS

EAC graded 50/45 recolored. ex Fred Iskra 9/10/04 Fred called it a 55/50.

1851 N39a 1851 N39a

Grellman called this a XF45. ex Goldberg Sale Lot 774 9/2/12. ex Fred Iskra.

1851 N39a 1851 N39a

I called this a MS60/50 for a cleaning or dipping. The details are needle sharp. ex CCI Coins from Olympia WA. 12/15/12.

1851 N40 1851 N40

EAC Grellman graded VF25. This is a nearly choice cent ranked CC6 in the census. ex Brian Befano 7/31/12.

1851 N40 1851 N40

EAC Grellman graded Fine 12/12-. ex Eric Fix 3/19/11. ex Superior 2007.

1851 N41c 1851 N41c

EAC grade is at least a 50/45+...maybe a staight 50. A choice large cent with the rev cud visible above "ME". This cud is only visible on high grade examples. I bought it on eBay in a PCGS AU58 holder so I paid for it! ex Jon Rosenthal 7/1/08.

1851 N43a 1851 N43 XF40+

EAC Grellman graded XF40+. A choice large cent...nicer than the pics. This is a very scarce variety. This coin is CC10. ex Bill Simonson 7/23/06.

1851 N44 1851 N44

EAC Grade 15/10+ nicks and digs. This is the super rare N44 Pillow Die variety. The repunching in the date is clear. A nice chocolate color with many nicks. This coin is the 3rd finest known of only 6 that exist as of 5/6/14.

1851 N45a 1851 N45a

EAC Grellman graded VF30