Gary's Personal Collection
Late Dates: 1852

1852 N1 1852 N1

I called this one a 35+/30...some nicks and marks. I bought this one from Rod Burress 11/30/07

1852 N3 1852 N3

EAC Grellman graded 50/45+ die state b. Choice coin ex George Seifrit 12/24/04

1852 N5a 1852 N5a

EAC Grellman graded VF30. ex Fred Iskra

1852 N5c tied for CC 1 of 8 known 35/30

EAC grade 35/30 for small spot at star 7 and small scr at star 8. Obverse cud at star 5-6. This one is very rare with only 8 known. This one is TCC#1.

1852 N5c

EAC Grellman graded as 25/15 for "lt corrosion". Obverse cud at star 5-6. I cherry picked this one off eBay! It is very rare with only 8 known. This one is CC#6.

1852 N5d RARE

EAC Grellman graded as 30/20. This is a very rare die state with only 5 known. This one is CC#2 of the five known. It has two obverse rim cuds. It is ex Fred Borcherdt.

1852 N6c 45/40

EAC Grellman graded and attributed as 45/40 for "rim rub". Not sure what Bob meant by this. This coin is the nicest N6 in my collection. It is quite common with over 100 known to exist. I own 6 of them in varying condition.

1852 N6c 1852 N6c

Grellman graded XF45 nearly choice. From Dan Holmes Collection 1/30/11. Glossy chocolate brown with frosty light brown in protected areas and darker steel brown toning on the highpoints. A thin hairline scratch from the top of C in CENT to the left base of N above is the only notable defect, and it is barely visible. LDS, die state c, with a very strong cud at stars 11 & 12. DWH #1204;ex Dick Punchard 11/9/89; ex NASCA 5/1/79. (description from the Holmes sale catalog)

1852 N7 1852 N7b

EAC Grellman graded 55/45 micro granular...die state b. ex Tom Reynolds 7/30/04.

1852 N8c 1852 N8c

EAC Grade MS62+ nearly choice with over 30% red reverse. The obverse has some toning in the fields otherwise choice! ex Wilbur Sims 8/1/11.

1852 N8 1852 N8

EAC Grade MS60/58 for a couple of glue marks.4/23/10 Mike Packard at EAC 2010 in Annapolis.

1852 N10 1852 N10

EAC grellman graded 45/35+ for light rev spots and for the obv rim bump. A nice upgrade from the Sam Thurman collection 11/06/06.

1852 N11

EAC Grellman graded 40+/40+ "nearly choice" MDS

1852 N11e 1852 N11e

EAC Grade AU55/50+ for dig on the revers rim. It has a reverse rim cud at "ES-O" and is tied for CC1 with the cud. ex JJ Tea Party 2/22/11.

1852 N11e 1852 N11e

EAC Grade VF25/20 for rev pits and corrosion. It has a reverse rim cud at "ES-O" and is tied for CC16 of 20 known with the cud. ex Robert Dunfield 7/9/09.

1852 N11e

EAC Grellman graded 25/20 for being "recolored". I removed it from a NCS slab labeled Improperly Cleaned XF details It is from the Jules Reiver Collection. I bought is 2/8/05 as Lot #20519 from Heritage Galleries. It has a reverse rim cud at "ES-O". It is tied for TCC#16 of 20 known.

1852 N12/13 1852 N12 delisted N13

EAC Grade AU 50. This is a late die state and is the delisted N13. Heavy flowlines and a crack from star 1 to the bust is faint but visible. Ex ANAC slab graded AU58. ex Scott Hocevar 11/6/09

1852 N12b

EAC Grellman graded 30+/30 "carbon splash rev" The obv spots are more effident in the pic. They are practically unnoticed in hand.

1852 N14c 1852 N14c

EAC Grade AU50 it may have been recolored but looks nice in hand. Repunched 152. ex Kyriaco Nicolaides from Limassol Cyprus..

1852 N14e 1852 N14e

EAC Grellman graded 45+/40 late die state (e). ex Eric Fix 6/26/07, ex Heritage Galleries 12/18/05.

1852 N16 1852 N16

EAC Grellman graded 55/45 recolored. I would call it a 55/50. It is a sweet coin and has sentimental value :) It is the first large cent I purchased nearly 16 years ago. I bought it for $67 from Tom Reynolds at a show in St Louis 3/15/92. I dont think I will ever upgrade or sell this coin.

1852 N18b 1852 N18b

EAC Grellman graded VF25. ex Fred Iskra

1852 N21a 1852 N21a

EAC Grellman graded VF25. ex Fred Iskra

1852 N21c 1852 N21c

EAC Grade 45/40 ex Tom Reynolds 10/08

1852 N22d 1852 N22d

EAC Grade is AU50. ex NGC MS62BN. Old Delisted N-9. I bought this on eBay 12/12/12

1852 N22d 1852 N22

EAC Grellman graded 40/40 LDS (d) Old N9