Gary's Personal Collection
Late Dates: 1853

1853 N2d 1853 N2d with 2 obv cuds RARE!

EAC Grade 35/30 for dark color. It is CC2 of 5 known with the two cuds.

1853 N3 1853 N3c

EAC Grellman graded 45+. A choice coin all the way! ex Bud Benson 2/11/05.

1853 N4a

EAC Grellman graded 30/30 die state a. ex Bill Simonson collection.

1853 N4e 1853 N4e

EAC Grellman graded 35/25 scarce die state e. I called it a 35/30 recolored. ex CVM 4/23/10 at EAC 2010.

1853 N6a 1853 N6

EAC Grade MS63/62 for some light obv carbon flecks ex NGC MS65BN. Rev has lots of red. ex Wilbur Sims 10/15/12.

1853 N8 1853 N8

EAC Grade 55/50 recolored. ex Tom Reynolds 7/27/07.

1853 N11b 1853 N11b

EAC Grade 58/50. The previous owner tried to remove the obv carbon spots with a sharp object thus scratching it. The coin also has a small rim clip at K7. Purchased on eBay 3/13/09. It was a 25pt upgrade.

1853 N12c 1853 N12c

EAC Grellman Graded MS60+ TCC9 for the variety. A truly sweet looking coin! ex Dan Holmes 1/30/11 Lot 548; ex RSB Lot 1347 9/30/86. ex Lester Merkin

1853 N13 1853 N13b

EAC Grellman graded 58/50 die state b, corr spot star 10. ex Henry Hettger

1853 N14c 1853 N14c

EAC Grellman grade MS63/62+ CC5 for the variety. Die state c with small rim cud at star 12. The coin has traces of red and lots of luster. ex Tom Reynolds 2/11/12

1853 N14c

EAC Grellman graded 58 die state c with small rim cud at star 12. The coin has traces of red on the obv and 10% red on the reverse. I purchased the coin on the bourse floor at EAC 2005 from H. Craig Hamling.

1853 N14c Late 1853 N14c late

EAC grade 40 net 35 die state c with small rim cud at star 12. It is larger than the coins pictured above so Im calling it a C+ state. Bob Laforme says its not big enough to qualify for a state d.

1853 N14d 1853 N14d late

EAC Grellman graded XF45+. I would almost say its a straight AU50 coin. Super nice! M-LDS (d) with rim break star 10 to around star 13. ex Dan Holmes 1/30/11 Lot 553;ex Dick Punchard 11/9/89, ex CVM 11/4/87.

1853 N16 1853 N16

EAC grade AU55/50 for recolored and reverse nick on rim. ex Allen Ross 4/24/11.

1853 N17a 1853 N17a

EAC grade XF45+. ex Doug Bird 10/6/12.

1853 N21a 1853 N21a

EAC Grellman graded XF45 early die state (a). Sharp die lines at dentils stars 1-2. State (a) is rare. ex Dan Holmes 1/30/11 Lot 564;ex Dick Punchard 1/1/87; ex CVM 11/4/87.

1853 N25b 1853 N25

EAC Grade 62 currently housed in a NGC MS66BN. The reverse is nearly full blazer red! ex Allen Ross 11/27/13, ex Heritage Auctions 1138-167.

1853 N27 1853 N27c

EAC Grellman graded 55/50 recolored. It is MDS (c). ex Superior Sale Lot 579 9/29/05.

1853 N28

EAC Grellman graded 45+/40 die state c. Purchased from Rod Burress.

1853 N30

EAC grade 45/40- for two obv spots. ex Fred Iskra 3/12/11; ex Jules Reiver.

1853 N31b 1853 N31b

EAC Grellman graded a 45+/40 recolored. There is what appears to be a scratch in front of Liberty's nose but Grellman mentioned that it was struck thru a small piece of wire. This is a tough R4 coin and Bob noted on the cert that it is tied for CC#10. ex Robert Dunfield. He also did the recoloring. Nice job.

1853 N33b 1853 N33b

EAC Grellman graded a XF40 with a rim clip at K 5:30. I bought it from the Goldberg Pre Long Beach sale 2/2008 as lot #1660.