Gary's Personal Collection
Late Dates: 1854

1854 Pie Crimper 1854 Large Cent used as Pie Crimper?

This is a cool large cent. It was used as a pie crimper. Very cool. Compliments of Bill Simonson. There may be enough detail to attribute this one. I will update the listing if I can attribute it.

1854 Judd-160 electro 1854 Judd-160 Electro

1854 Electrotype cent. J-160 128grains. Tom Reynolds called it a XF40. ex Tom Reynolds 4/20/04.

1854 N5 1854 N5

EAC Grade VF35- LDS (c). ex Robert Murphy 12/5/12. He bought it unattributed at Salem OR coin show 5/4/97.

1854 N6b 1854 N6b

EAC Grade MS60/55 nicer than pic. ex Evan Kopald ex Eric Fix 11/19/11.

1854 N7b 1854 N7b

EAC grade XF45. Heavily flowlined, late die state. ex A.D. Hughes 12/24/09.

1854 N9c 1854 N9c

EAC XF45/40. ex Tom Reynolds 10/15/09.

1854 N13 1854 N13

EAC Grade 40/35 for obv hairline star 11-13 and nicks. ex Craig Hamling on the bourse at EAC 2012 5/5/12. ex Fred Iskra.

1854 N13b 1854 N13b

EAC Grellman grade VF35. ex Fred Iskra 1/5/03.

1854 N16 1854 N-16

EAC Grade 40/35 for nicks and scratches at star 9. 10 pt upgrade from Rod Burress.

1854 N17 1854 N-17

EAC Grade 30/25 for nicks and marks. Die state c. ex Tom Reynolds 10/20/07.

1854 N18 1854 N-18

EAC Grade 40+ choice. Heavy reverse clashing around the wreath. A 15pt upgrade from Rod Burress.

1854 N19 1854 N-19b

EAC Grellman Graded 40/35 for nicks and marks. Heavy obverse crack star 3 thru coronet to star 9. ex Fred Iskra.

1854 N20 1854 N20 die state b

EAC Grellman graded 60/60

1854 N21 1854 N21

EAC Grade AU58. This coin still has nice luster. ex Tom Reynolds 2/15/09

1854 N23 1854 N23b

EAC Grade is probabl a 58 maybe a 55/50 for the obv corr spot. It shows more in the pic than in hand. Rev clash marks strong, dots on cheek and large lump at A1 on reverse are diagnostic.

1854 N24 1854 N24 die state a

This one looks better than the pics. Nicer chocolate brown in hand. Must have a bit too much light on it. I called it a 45/40 with minor traces of corrosion on the reverse. I broke it from a ANACS AU55 Corroded slab.

1854 N26a 1854 N26a

Grellman graded MS60 E-MDS (a-) Tied for CC#7 for the variety. ex HH:735; ex March Wells:2345; ex CVM; ex Dan Holmes:619 1/30/11.

1854 N28 1854 N-28

EAC Grellman graded VF35/25 for burnished and recolored. The coin was hard to photo being burnished and glossy. Not a bad looking coin in hand. ex Fred Iskra 3/12/11.

1854 N29b 1854 N-29b

EAC Grellman graded AU50 net 45 for light obv/rev scrs. A great looking coin in hand. Ex EAC 2011 Sale lot 562 5/11/11. ex Dan Holmes, ex RVP.

1854 N30 1854 N-30

EAC Grade VF20 net 15. It is tied for the 8th best known of 13 coins. This is a true R6+ coin that I have been looking for forever. Tom Reynolds called and said he had one for me! Ex Tom Reynolds 7/22/10.