Gary's Personal Collection
Half Cents: 1793-1857

1803 C-1

This is a nice half cent. Choice color and surfaces. Grellman graded VG7. C-1 EDS Manley 1.0

1803 C2 1803 C-2 TDS

This is a nice half cent with a few nicks here and there. It is the terminal die state, Breen VIII, with a reverse cud over "STAT". The color is nice as well. Manley state 7.0 11/1/09

1804 C6 M9.5 1804 C-6 State 9.5

1804 Spiked Chin variety. C-6 LDS Manley 9.5, Braig 6.5 It is a decent coin with some reverse roughness and corrosion. This is a rare die state with nice reverse cuds. ex Sam Sloat 2/24/2010.

1804 C6 M12.0 1804 C-6 State 12.0

Grellman graded 15/12 for obv hairline scrs. C-6 LDS Manley 12.0, Braig 9.0 This is a rare die state with nice reverse cuds.

1804 C-9

Grellman graded VF 25/8 granular. C-9 M-LDS Manley 4.0 Nice obv cud above "RTY"

1804 C-13

Grellman graded XF 40/25 stains, fine verdigris. C-13 LDS Manley 3.0 This is a really cool coin with a planchet clip at 1:00

1809 C-2

I call this one VG with nice surfaces and color. C-2 Manley 3.0 which is a scare die state.

1811 C1 1811 C-1 4 star die break

This is a cool coin. A bit nicer in hand but still corroded. ex ANACS VG10 details corroded. I would call it VG net AG corroded. Nice 4 star cud. Scare die state.

1826 C-1

This coin is nicer than the pics and is a borderline XF piece. Its a C-1 late Manley state 3.0 There is a crack from the rim to star 1 and a branch crack to stars 2-3.