Gary's Personal Collection
Middle Dates: 1816-1839 Cud Varieties

1817 N17 1817 N17 TDS

I called this one a AG3 obv and G4 reverse. It has a nice rev cud at "TATE". It is a rare TDS. I traded my duplicate 28N8 TDS to Tom Hart for this coin. 5/6/09

1831 N12/3

EAC Grellman graded 5/5 with large cud star 12-13 Rare!

1835 N-11 TDS w/rev cud

Bought this one from Tom Reynolds recently. He graded it a VG8/4. The reverse cud is rare with about 12 known.

1838 N11/13 1838 N-11 Old N-13

1838 N-11 which is the old N-13. Ex Rod Burress 6/28/06; ex Jules Reiver Lot 20114; ex Dennis Loring. EAC 30/25 for nicks. I broke this from a NGC AU-50BN. It has the obverse cud at *1-*2.